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Returns & Cancellations

Can I return my purchase?

Due to the intimate nature of our products we do not accept returns or exchanges except in the case of a manufacturer’s defect. If your product is found to have a manufacturer’s defect we will repair or replace it - please contact us within 30 days of receipt of your item for a return authorization number.
Please Note: Any item that is returned without authorization will not be accepted.

My product is defective or damaged.

If, in the unlikely event your njoy purchase is found to have a manufacturer's defect, we will repair or replace it. Please contact us within 30 days of receipt of your item for a return authorization number. 
When calling about a damaged product, please have the following information on hand:
Order Number
Email Address
Please Note: Any item that is returned without authorization will not be accepted.

Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order please contact us immediately, as most orders ship the same day that we receive them.
If your domestic order has already been shipped you will need to ship it back to us when you receive it. We will issue a refund, less the cost of outgoing shipping, when your order has arrived back at our facility. Refunds take 5-10 business days to post to your credit card.
Please take your time and consider your options carefully before you place an order. If you have any questions about a product please call us at 1-508-676-1200 or1-800-880-6569.

Product Care

How should I clean and store my njoy toy?

Clean your njoy with hot water and soap.
Please dry your njoy with a clean, lint free, cotton cloth. Put your njoy away after use.
Please store your njoy products in their original box or in a soft, protective bag when not in use.

How do I sterilize my njoy toy?

If you wish to sterilize your njoy I would suggest a steamer. Some people like to boil their njoy in a pan. This is fine if the product is prevented from bouncing against the bottom of the pan – place a cloth in the bottom of the pan. Steel bouncing against steel during a rolling boil will cause scuffs and scratches on the product. To prevent this, place your njoy in a bamboo steamer, put the lid on your pot and steam for twenty minutes.

How do I repair a minor scuff on my njoy toy?

For minor scuffs please try a product like MAAS metal polisher. MAAS has a polishing rouge in the compound that will help to buff out any small cosmetic imperfections that may occur under normal wear and tear. Please follow the instructions when using metal polishing creams such as MAAS – we cannot be held responsible for misuse or improper handling. Thoroughly remove any residual polish – wash with hot soapy water and then dry with a soft cloth or chamois before storing.

Product Questions

Are njoy toys magnetic?

The short answer is, yes - njoy products can become magnetic; and the magnetic test to determine authenticity of material is not reliable with laymen's tools.
Njoy products are made from a 316 grade stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is paramagnetic, which means njoy products have a small, positive susceptibility to magnetic fields, and are weakly attracted by an externally applied magnetic field.
As a result of these properties, small particles within the structure of the steel (an approx. 0.1mm - 3mm diameter sphere, for example) can be especially attracted to powerful magnetic fields - such as an MRI machine, or other strong neodymium magnets.

Do njoy toys contain nickel?

Yes, njoy products are made of 316 graded alloy stainless steel, which do contain nickel in their composition. Nickel helps with the structural strength of the steel.
Our products do not contain nickel on the “surface” so to speak. The nickel in 316 stainless steel is chemically bound to other elements such as: carbon, molybdenum, chromium, manganese, and silicon. In theory, the compositional matrix that is formed during the manufacturing process locks the nickel in an atomic bind that does not leech out into human tissue under typical circumstances.
Under non-typical circumstances nickel can become atomically freed under the influences of corrosive conditions, or when the solid structure becomes damaged. 316 stainless steel is corrosion resistant but not corrosion proof. If your njoy products are used, washed with soap and water, dried, and properly stored, there should be close on zero corrosion problems, as the chromium in stainless steel is a self-repairing element that aids in the protective qualities of the alloy.
All that said, if your partner has an allergy to nickel, perhaps they should take a zero chance of reaction, and not use any stainless steel product.

Can njoy toys be used for massage?

Yes, since njoy toys are made of high-quality steel their ridges and curves can be used to help relieve stress and tension in a person's muscles. Therapists and masseuses often use similar tools in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IATSM) In fact, njoy toys like the Pure Wand and the Fun Wand can help give you that extra reach you need to massage your out of the way muscles.
Njoy is not able to provide expert advice on the best way to perform IASTM or other therapeutical treatments, however, there are many great resources you can find on the web. Here are a few articles that can provide some starting information:
Using Stainless Steel Tools for Myofascial ReleaseInstrument Assisted Soft Tissue MobilizationBenefits of IASTM


When will my order ship?

We ship all orders from the njoyplex, located in scenic Fall River, MA 02721. We will ship your order the same day we receive it if your order is placed before 12pm US Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Otherwise your order will ship the following business day. 

What carrier will my order ship by?

All orders shipping to a US street address will ship via USPS, unless an expedited shipping option is selected upon checkout then your order will ship via UPS. Orders shipping to a PO box or APO/FPO addresses will ship via USPS. International orders ship via USPS.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, njoy does provide shipping for international orders. International orders will ship via USPS.
Please view our policy regarding International Customs and Import Duties

International Customs and Import Duties

International orders may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once your package reaches your country.
njoy does not pay international VAT, customs duties and/or taxes upon shipment of your order, and we cannot predict what your particular charges may be. You will be responsible for paying any charges levied by your national authorities.

Confiscated or Refused Orders

We cannot be held responsible for any confiscation by customs or postal officials. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS/CREDITS FOR SEIZED ITEMS THAT ARE NOT RETURNED TO US.
For packages returned to njoy as unclaimed or refused, we will refund the purchase price, but will charge the outgoing and return shipping cost to your credit card.

Is your shipping discrete?

We ship all njoy products as discretely as possible. Our shipping cartons are plain brown boxes, and the return address on our shipping labels uses our official corporate name - Vibe Design LLC - rather than our brand name - njoy.
We respect our customers' privacy, and will never send unsolicited communications, only emails that pertain to a direct question asked or details regarding an order's confirmation, billing, or shipping.

Flat-Rate Shipping

njoy is proud to offer affordable flat-rate shipping to our customers. Following are the flat-rate shipping options for your njoy purchase, quoted in US dollars. If you have questions regarding your order please contact us.

Continental US via USPS

Ground : FREE!

Continental US via UPS

3-Day: $15
2-Day: $25
1-Day: $45

Alaska & Hawaii via USPS

Standard: $10

PO Box & AFO/FPO Box via USPS

Ground: FREE!

Canada via USPS*

Ground: $35

Outside of the US & Canada*

Standard: $45
*Please view our policy regarding International Customs and Import Duties

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